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Cheers! May Income

Yesterday was a really great day.  It was my youngest son’s 18th birthday, so we had a little celebration for that (and his gift that I bought from Etsy showed up just in time!).

And I made my first two sales!

The First Sale

On Saturday I was at a radio contest to win a Harley.  I got into the qualification round, but sadly I didn’t win the bike.  We were with a couple of guys that I know from work and their wives, and my friend started talking up my new crochet site.

I happened to have a couple of bookmarks in my purse, one flower and one monster bookmark (there is a pattern coming from that one).  They nodded their heads, said they looked neat, and that was it.

Or so I thought.  But yesterday one of the guys comes in and he bought one of the bookmarks!  First sale  $7.50.

The Second Sale

Around Christmas time a family member had asked me to make her three afghans.  I let her know in March that they were done, but I didn’t hear anything back.  Naturally, I was assuming buyers remorse and was really hoping that they would sell at the craft fair.  Or else my kids were going to get pink and purple afghans for Christmas next year.

Last night the sale went through!  $240.00!

I’m so excited!  There’s nothing like getting your first sales.

Next Steps

I really need to get some non-winter items into my store.  Right now it’s mostly messy bun hats, and scarfs, a few bath poufs.  Nobody is going to be looking to buy a messy bun hat in the summer.

I am working on a handbag pattern right now.  Market bags, handbags, purses are going to be my focus for the next little while.  Maybe some more bath poufs, they are a popular search term that get people looking at my site.

And, of course, some more bookmarks.  They are a cute way to work up that extra bit of yarn that is left over.


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