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Reusable Swiffer Pads

Tired of buying disposable pads for your Swiffer?  Or looking for a greener option?  Make a few of these reusable Swiffer Pads with crochet cotton.  You can toss them in the washing machine, I do them on gentle.  Then lay them flat to dry, so that they don’t shrink.

If you accidentally dry them in the dryer you can stretch them back swiffer pads

I’ve also found that they work great on the sweeper for cleaning up pet hair, which is a constant battle in my house.  I have 2 large dogs and 1 cat.

These reusable Swiffer pads are ribbed to help scrub everything off the floor.

What You Need

Stitches Used

  • ch – chain
  • sc – single crochet
  • blo – back loops only

Reusable Swiffer Pads Pattern

ch 22 (leave 24″ for sewing when you make the slip knot)

Row 1 – sc in 3rd ch from hook and in each across, ch 1, turn (21)

Row 2 – working in blo – sc in each st across, ch 1, turn

Repeat Row 2 – 52 times

Fasten off, leaving 24″ for sewing.

Using your Swiffer as a guide fold the ends over and sew the sides closed (to make a pocket).

I sew one side shut, then I weave the yarn on the inside, in the loops,  from one side to the other.  Then I sew the other side closed.

ribbed swiffer pad

Fasten off, and bury the end on the inside of the pocket.  Repeat for the other end.

My pockets are 2.5″ on each end, and my pad is 5″ x 10.5″.

These reusable pads work up quick and will save you a pile of money over the disposable ones.




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