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puff stitch baby blanket

A couple of weeks ago my mom gave me this yarn.  I have been playing around with the puff stitch, and it makes a nice texture for a baby blanket.  This Bernat Baby Blanket tiny yarn is really soft.

I like making blankets that will work for many years for a child, so this puff stitch baby blanket is 36″ x 44″.  Double it over to wrap around a baby, use it to cover a stroller, or spread it out on the ground for baby to roll around on.  As they get older it’s still a great size for them to cuddle up with.

Puff Stitch Baby Blanket

What You Need

Stitches Used

  • ch – chain
  • sk – skip
  • puff stitch – yarn over (y/o), insert hook into stitch (st) indicated, draw up loop (3 loops on hook), y/o insert hook in same st and draw up loop 3 times (9 loops on hook), y/o draw through 8 loops on hook, y/o draw through remaining 2 loops.

Puff Stitch Baby Blanket Pattern

ch 150

Row 1 – Puff stitch in 4th ch from hook, *ch 1, sk next st, puff st in next* repeat across

Row 2 – ch 3, turn, *puff st in ch 1 sp, ch 1* repeat across.  puff st in ch 3 space at the end

Row 3-5 – repeat Row 2

switch to Wildflowers

Row 6,7 – repeat Row 2

switch to Pebbles

Row 8,9 – repeat Row 2

switch to Wildflowers

Rows 10-14 – repeat Row 2

switch to Pebbles

Row 15,16 – repeat Row 2

switch to Wildflowers

Row 17,18 – repeat Row 2

switch to Pebbles

Row 19-23 Repeat Row 2

Keep repeating rows 2-19 until the blanket is 44″ long, ending with 5 rows of pebbles.

puff stitch baby blanket

If you are interested in a different type of textured blanket, have a look at the Textured Wave.





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