Last Friday my mom and I headed out to our first craft fair, the Christmas Farmers Market.  It sure looked like Christmas outside, shortly after we got there it started snowing.  And it didn’t stop all day, we ended up with almost a foot on the ground.

There was an accident on the highway that closed it for hours, on the major road through the City there was a 14 car pile up.  On my street, a bus slid sideways and was curb to curb blocking the entire road.  So the City was a mess.

Which means the show was slow, over 8 hours on Friday they said 860 people came.  We were starting to wonder if we made a mistake, by the end of the night we almost sole enough to cover our booth fee (thanks to a couple of friends that showed up).

Thankfully the City got out overnight and cleared and sanded.  Saturday was busy!  They didn’t have the final count when we left, but it seemed like it was 3-4 times as busy as the previous day.

When I first started looking in selling at a craft fair I was told that you want to make at least double the booth fee, and 3 times the booth fee is considered a success.  Our booth fee was $150.00, for an indoor venue, 2 tables, and tablecloths.

We made almost 5 times our booth fee!!!!  I definitely want to go back next year, and hopefully, the weather cooperates.

So, what worked and what didn’t?

crochet knot pillow

My crochet knot pillow, while I didn’t sell any of these they did bring a lot of people into the booth and some of those people did buy other items.

Slouchy hats, messy bun hats, and toques were quite popular.  We sold 22, and we could have sold a lot more if we have more black, grey and blue ones.  I didn’t think that people would come to a show like this for basic colors that they could get in a store cheaper than what we were selling them for.  I thought that we should have colorful, unique hats.  So for next year, we will have a combination of the two.

Scarves and infinity scarves, total fail.  We only sold one, even with the cold and snow.  I am really hoping we can move them in my Etsy store, or else we have a lifetime supply of scarves.

Again fail, only sold one and it was at a reduced price.  I was pretty disappointed with these, when I did market research they appeared to be popular.

Reusable pads for Swiffers, success!  Sold 8 sets of 2 at the show, sold another in my Etsy store and I have a custom order for another set.  I should have had a Swiffer there to display them.  And I need to branch out into other brands/styles when people saw them they asked for ones to fit Vileda.

Crochet bookmarks were a moderate success.  Sold a few, but they attracted attention and brought people into the booth.

x's and o's crochet afghan

Surprisingly the X’s and O’s blanket was a big hit! They got lots of attention, brought lots of people in.  I sold the two I had made, and got a custom order for a larger one!  I am going to play around with some different designs in the near future, maybe hearts?  Or sayings, like I love you to the moon and back?

We had a ton of people coming in and asking for slippers.  And we didn’t have any.  Personally, I have never liked crochet slippers, I am clumsy enough without something slippery on my feet.  But they may be something to look into, and I would need to figure out what sizes to make.

Anyways, I hope this was helpful if you are thinking of going into a craft fair.  We had a good time, and a good return even with the snow storm.



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