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suzette stitch purse


I was browsing Pinterest a couple days ago and came across the Suzette Stitch.  It’s a very simple stitch that looks a lot more involved than it is.  The Suzette stitch gives an elegant look to a purse, blanket, washcloth, whatever you can imagine.

Crochet Tote

You can adjust this pattern to any size you like, this one is worked in rounds.

If you want to do the Suzette Stitch in rows, your initial chain needs to end in an odd number.

This is an awesome pattern to work while you are sitting around watching tv, it’s a repeating pattern so once you are in the groove your hands take over.

What you need

  • 2 skeins of the main color, I used Patons Decor Yarn, Country Blue
  • 1 skein of complementary color,  I used Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo Yarn, Aran
  • 5mm crochet hook
  • Darning Needle
  • large button, if you want one for the closure.
  • core for the handle, a length of rope or yarn that isn’t stretchy
  • if you want to line the bag, fabric, about 18″ x 26″ (I can usually find some well-priced fabric in all sorts of colors at Walmart)

Stitches Used

  • ch = chain
  • sc = single crochet
  • dc= double crochet
  • sk = skip stitch
  • slst = slip stitch

Suzette Stitch Purse Pattern

In blue ch 51

Row 1 – [1 sc, 1 dc] in 2nd chain from hook, *Sk next st, [1 sc, 1 dc] in next ch* repeat across to last ch, [1 sc, 1 dc] x3 in last chain.  Now working in the bottom of the cluster [1 sc, 1 dc] in the bottom of each across to the last stitch.  [1 sc, 1 dc]x2, slst to 1st single crochet (not the chain one).

Row 2 – Ch1 (do not count), turn (you will only work in single crochet stitches, not the double crochet)

[1sc, 1dc] in same stitch, Sk next st, [1sc, 1dc] in next.  repeat around.  Slst to 1st sc.

Row 3-10 Repeat Row 2, change to White at the end of Row 10.

Row 11-15 Repeat Row 2, change to Blue at the end of Row 15.

Row 16-25 Repeat Row 2, change to White at the end of Row 25.

Row 26-30 Repeat Row 2, change to Blue at the end of Row 30.

Row 31-39 Repeat Row 2.

Row 40 – SC in each stitch around (including the DC).  Slst to first sc.  Fasten off.


For the handle, I had some yarn on hand that is similar to rope.  You can also use polyester rope, like what is used for clotheslines.  Use whatever length works for you, for mine, I chained 110, then sc in each stitch across.  Fasten off.

Set core aside.

Handle Cover

Now we need to crochet a Suzette Stitch cover for the core.

For my handle, I chained 7 (if you need it wider, just make sure you chain an odd number of stitches).


Row 1 – in 2nd ch from hook [1sc, 1dc], sk next st, [1 sc, 1 dc] across, sc in last st. Ch 1 (do not count), turn.

Row2 – In same stitch [1 sc, 1 dc], sk next st.  Repeat across, sc in last st.  Ch1 (do not count), turn.

Repeat this until your cover is slightly longer than your core, about 1 row longer on each end.

Sew the outer shell around the core, then secure handle to the bag.  Sewing through the core when you attach it.


In Blue, ch 25.

Row 1 – [1 sc, 1 dc] in 2nd chain from hook *sk next st, [1 sc, 1 dc] in next* repeat across to last stitch.  sc in last st.  Ch 1 (do not count), turn.

Row 2- [1 sc, 1 dc] in same stitch, sk next st.  Repeat across to last st, sc in last st.  Ch 1 (do not count), turn.

Repeat Row 2 seven times, change to white (leave a long end for sewing)

Repeat Row 2 three times, fasten off leaving a long end for sewing.

Center and sew onto your bag.

Finishing Touches

I decided to line my purse, with some fabric I had around the house.  I laid the fabric over my bag, trimmed it slightly wider and longer.  Pinned the edges, and sewed the 3 sides together.  Then I fit it into the bag, folded the top back, and pinned around the edges, then sewed the bag to the lining.

I also added a wooden button that I had to the front, on the opposite side I attached a length of 12 chains.


I hope you enjoy making this bag as much as did!  For a different style, have a look at my waffle stitch purse.


suzette stitch purse


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